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39M LCT KM class for sale
1 unit of 48M LCT, NKK class available for sale.
45M Aluminium Passenger boat
45M Aluminium Passenger boat available for sale.
43m Express boat (Immediate delivery)
One unit of 43M Passenger boat in excellent condition, fully reconditioned in 2015 at competitive price. Please to enquire for more at
31M, 2400HP Tug
one unit of 31M, 2400HP Tug available for 2-3months upon confirmation.
32M, 3200HP Tug
One unit of 3200HP, 32M Tug available for 2-3months delivery upon confirmation in early 2015.
30M, 2276HP Tug
one unit of 30M 2276HP Tug available for sale, for two months delivery.
23M, 1300HP Tug
Two units of 23M, 1300HP Tug available and can be completed within 1.5months upon confirmation.
41M Crew boat
One unit of 41M, 4,600HP Crew boat available for prompt delivery, with all sea trial and class survey done.
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